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We are a company from Belgrade, NIT2020 and we produce hand-carved decorative candles. The entire process of candle production is done by hand, from pouring the finest paraffin (used in food) to the final product, packed in a decorative box, so that each unique and no two are completely identical. Our activity is classified in old arts and crafts. We offer two sizes of candles. The first are 8 cm in diameter and 18 cm high, packed in boxes 10x20 cm. The price per piece is 10 €, and for 10+ pieces the price is 6 €. For every 10 purchased pieces you get one candle gratis.Others are 5cm in diameter and 40 cm high, packed in decorative boxes 10x40.Price per piece is 10 €, and for 10 + pieces the price is 6 €.Candles are a wide range of colors.We also offer wedding sets, which consist of two candles measuring 5x40. The price of the set is 16 €, and for 10+ sets the price is 12 €. Please note that wedding candles can be ordered according to your wishes: in colors, sizes and pieces. We are interested in wholesale and retail cooperation. Our monthly capacity is currently 500 pieces (due to COVID19), otherwise the production capacity is 1000 pieces. You can see part of our offer on our Instagram account: fairy_tales_candles, as well as on FB profile: beautifully decorated candles. You can contact us by email For individuals and the purchase of up to 10 pieces, we send the goods by mail

For cooperation with wholesale companies:
EXW - Ex-works: the seller sells the goods ex-works without covering any further costs

Kontakt ime: tanja

Cena: €6

Telefon: +381612455536

Lokacija: Vienna

Datum postavljanja oglasa: 20-11-2020

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